In our way of making music, we have always given great importance to collaborations with other musicians. In fact, over the years we have had the opportunity to play with many artists and with some we have also built enduring partnerships.
All the ideas and contributions of the artists with whom we have established a certain type of collaboration during our artistic journey, have enriched our sound. However, our intent was also to go beyond purely musical boundaries and to contaminate our imagination with other artistic and expressive forms. Here then, in detail, the main collaboration projects are:


In 2015 we started collaborating with the art collective Coraggioiltopo. This is how they describe themselves: Coraggioiltopo is a project that connects degenerate art and handicraft. We produce streetwear printed by silkscreen in limited edition. Artworks are made by Sasori Kokomo and Nessuno Niemand, two artists coming from the Kingdom of Mice. We print on fabric our best nightmares. We code telepathic orders from forgotten divinities. Do not try to understand. Everybody can provide happiness. We sell monsters.

Some of their visions were inspired by our music. We share hallucinations sometimes. We perform together. We support their work.


Live Art Performances

We organise art performances that involve live poetry reading and live painting. We usually collaborate with Coraggioiltopo and with the poet and performer Alessandro Burbank.

24/7 Project

For our very first Album we want to create something special: we want our music to be inspirational, and we want it to carry a message developed and expressed through other artistic disciplines apart from music. The idea was born when Enrico, a blind friend of ours, wrote to us his interpretation about Mike’s atmosphere: he described it with beautiful words all the sensations and images that were generating into his thoughtful mind. That’s were it started: one album, 7 tracks, 7 shapes. We included then 7 artists (writers, poets, painters, photographers and designers) asking to give a personal interpretation of each track one by one, through a different representation.


Coraggioiltopo (painting/drawing) -> Mangiafumo

Meno (graffiti/writing/painting) -> Electricserious

Andrea Pedrotti (poetry) -> Green Brown and Blue

Cos-er (design/3D print/jewellery) -> Is It Dead?

Alessandro Burbank (poetry/reading) -> To Space

Valentina Maistri (film photography) -> We Don’t Give A Funk

Michele Cattani (photography) -> Fistful Of Bombs


Here’s how the 24/7 packaging looks like:


And here are the artworks: