Electric Circus is an italian instrumental band, somewhere in between psychedelia and jazz, with strong influences coming from funk and world music. Started in the small town Arco, TN in late 2013 as a trio, the band collaborated with several musicians, some of them now included in the lineup. In 2014 they recorded and published the first EP called Evoluzione, produced in collaboration with the sound engineer Marco Sirio Pivetti at Metrò Rec Studio in Riva del Garda, TN. In the fall of 2016, Electric Circus traveled through the USA, performing in venues in Colorado, Arizona and California, composing and recording a song (Mike) at the Dust&Stone Recording Studio in Tucson, AZ.

At the beginning of 2017 the band moved to Torino and in February 2017 launched a crowdfunding campaign for the new album: the project is called One album, 7 different shapes, and involves 7 artists (2 painters, 2 photographers, 2 poets and one designer) each of which have been asked to produce an artwork inspired by one of the tracks from the album. The successful outcome of the campaign led to the publishing of 24/7 in April 2017, that contains 8 tracks plus a booklet with the results of the artistic experiment.

After touring and promoting the album all around Italy, Electric Circus started a creative phase in winter 2017, and has recently began collaborating with the record label New Model. 

In November 2018 an album called Canicola has been released for New Model Label.


Paolo Urbani – drums, percussion

Paolo Pilati – electric bass, electric guitar

Francesco Cretti – electric guitar, percussion

Giuliano Buratti – winds, keys, percussion

Gabriele Perrero – electric guitar, electric bass, keys